WHAT I MAKE - All clothes are cut for toddlers in cloth and disposable nappies. My most popular items are leggings for babies and children, sleeveless dresses which can be worn whatever the season and dungarees for babies and children which are just about the most adorable thing you'll ever see!



Leggings for babies and children up to age 12 are made in either slim or wide fit. Wide fit are more suited to chunkier babies or those who prefer a joggers style fit. Both styles are suitable for cloth nappy wearers and feature a gusset for durability and comfort, stretchy ankle cuffs (either matching to main fabric or a block colour) and a stretchy yoga style waistband. Can have pockets and bow cuffs (add on in Accessories) 


Harem romper

Harem rompers for children up to age 3 are a harem style fit, generously sized through the waist, crotch and thighs. They have poppers on the shoulders for easy on and off. I would not recommend sizing up on these items unless your child is particularly tall for their age.



Jumpsuits for children up to age 3 are a slimmer all in one style romper. They have a super stretchy neck and the child goes in through this neck hole and the jumpsuits pulls up over the body. They are perfect for layering in Winter and wearing alone in Summer, a really versatile item. Can have hoods, long sleeves and flutter sleeves added on (add on in accessories section). These jumpsuits also come in a short leg version for during spring/summer.


festival romper

Festival rompers are the ultimate in style and comfort. A fitted block colour bodice with scoop back on a patterned loose harem bottom half with double height cuffs, these are a slouchy fit.



Tees for children up to age 10 are a slim fit dolman style with cuffed sleeves and hemmed waist. Due to the style I would recommend sizing up if in any doubt or if your child is close to going into the next size.



Raglan style jumpers for children up to age 6 are lightweight and designed to be worn over vests or tees. They are full print with a choice of coordinating trim colours. 



Raglan style hoodies for children up to age 12 are fully lined or fleece lined depending on the fabric selected. They are full print with a choice of coordinating trim colours and hood lining. These follow the same pattern as the jumpers so sizing is equivalent.


popper rompers

Popper rompers are onesie style for children up to age 4 and are perfect for layering. Poppers up the front allow for easy changes. Legs and arms are cuffed for comfort. Can also be made with long arms and hooded (under Hooded Rompers).


Short sleeved dress

Dresses for girls up to age 10 are perfect for all seasons. They can be layered and paired with tights for Winter and worn alone in Summer. They are a-line style. Can be made as pictured with short sleeves or sleeveless. Can have hoods, long sleeves and fluters added (add on in the accessories section).


Twirly dress

Twirly dresses feature a capped sleeve, fitted matching fabric bodice and full circle skirt. The neck and arms are cuffed with a contrasting colour. Can have long sleeves (add on in Accessories)



Dungarees can be made either as traditional long leg dungarees or short legs. Both feature a coordinating chest lining and straps fastened with poppers.



Skirts for girls up to age 10 are full circle style, designed to be super twirly. They have a yoga waist and can have added pockets or added built in shorts (add ons in accessories section).

I’ve been trialling this fab new shorts


Shorts for children up to age 10 are a fitted knee length style with banded leg cuffs and a stretchy yoga style waist band. 


eco friendly

I make a range of eco friendly accessories designed to minimise my own waste by utilising as much of the fabric offcuts as possible, and also helping you use less single use plastic in the home. Products include baby wipes, make up wipes and reusable breast pads.